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Your Inner Landscape


Majestic & Energetic

Landscapes of the Sacred Valley


Feel Connected

In the loving cradle of the Sacred Valley

The name Mama Coya was inspired by the land itself during a San Pedro ceremony

Mama means Mother,

Coya, is the name given to the highest Feminine authority in the Inca tradition. She is the queen consort and the only legitimate wife of the Inca emperor. She is said to be responsible for the relief and wellbeing of her people.

The vision of Mama Coya is that of a nurturing space, working with the Divine Feminine principle which represents the connection to the part of our consciousness responsible for cultivating intuition and empathy, regardless of your gender. A peaceful place where the possibility of a radical recalibration of your inner values and relationships can occur, ones that can help to reset your inner and outer world. I offer a space of acceptance where you can explore and nurture your inner landscape and embody more consciously your divine connection. A place to nurture your own wellbeing of your body, mind, emotions and spirit. A place to receive the invitation from Spirit by remembering who you are and becoming your inner authority in your life.